Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Flat Rate
Base commission $10.00
Additional terms The discount is explicitly NOT to be shared or leaked to ANY third party websites such as coupon and deal databases. If Hey Stacey Co were to find the discount code such a website, the affiliate's status will be immediately revoked and will go under investigation. If you have any questions, please kindly reach out to they Hey Stacey team at [email protected]
Give $10 To Earn $10

We are ecstatic to present the Hey Stacey affiliate opportunity for content creators who love our brand and products. The Hey Stacey Affiliate Program offers partnership with highly trusted and reputable leaders in the hair extension industry as well as devoted and reliable support throughout.

About Hey Stacey:

Hey Stacey was created in 2019 by Founder, Sharna Kalwy because she noticed a missed opportunity in the hair extension market for genuine high quality hair. She found inconsistencies in Hey Stacey's competitors and misleading information given by them so she wanted to provide a range of hair extensions that were truly made with the highest quality hair. Sharna has a 10 year background working in the Retail industry as well as 6 years within Australia's magazine industry as a Senior Fashion Intern. From her peers and partners in Hey Stacey, Sharna learnt everything there was to know about hair extensions and self-educated herself on the start-to-finish production, credentials and business aspects to ensure Hey Stacey's footprint in the industry would make an impact!  

The benefits of our affiliate program:
  • It's free to apply and you earn $10 on each set of hair extensions sold using your unique code. 
  • You receive access to personal partner dashboard, where you can track your commissions and receive convenient payments through PayPal.
  • You have a chance to be featured on Hey Stacey's social media platforms.
  • We want to help you grown as we grow as a business too.
Here's how you can join:

1. Thoroughly read our Terms & Conditions
2. Submit your application. By submitting your application you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 
3. After submission, your application will be reviewed and we'll contact you if you have been approved.
4. Every time somebody uses your referral link or unique code and makes the purchase within 30 days, you make $10 on each full set sold. 

These terms and conditions is a legal agreement between Hey Stacey Co and the "affiliate" (you). By signing up to become an affiliate in the Hey Stacey Co affiliate program, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please ensure that you read them carefully before signing up.


Agreement = the contents of contract between Hey Stacey Co and the Affiliate in respect to the Affiliate Program
Program = The affiliate program is set out on Hey Stacey's website and is giverned by this agreement.
Affiliate = Party who agrees to take part in the Affiliate Program
Link = a HTML link provided to the Affiliate to link the Affiliate's website to Hey Stacey's website
Website = 

1. The Agreement

1.1. An Affiliate must provide full legal name, valid address, e-mail address and any other information requested in order to create an Affiliate account.

1.2 An Affiliate must have a valid PayPal address to receive commission payments and include this on their profile during registration.

1.3. Hey Stacey Co reserves the right to update and change the Terms from time to time without notice.

1.4. Any modifications or changes to the Program shall be subject to these terms.

1.5. You may not use the Program for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

Should upon investigation Hey Stacey Co learns misuse or misconduct has occurred, Hey Stacey Co holds the right to suspend or terminate an Affiliate's account immediately with includes immediate suspension of commission and payment privileges. 

2. Modification Of Hey Stacey Co Affiliate Program Terms And Conditions

Hey Stacey Co reserves the right to modify or make immediate changes to the terms of agreement at any time. In the case of any modifications are made to the terms and conditions of the Hey Stacey Co Affiliate Program Agreement, it is up to the affiliate to stay updated in regards to the terms and conditions of said agreement as Hey Stacey Co may change terms without notice sporadically. If the affiliate doesn't accept any modifications made, the affiliates option is to end their agreement.

3. Affiliate account

In order to enter the Hey Stacey Co Affiliate network, provided by Refersion, the affiliate will need to create a log-in and password. From this account the affiliate will be able to track and view sales that is linked through their unique code as well as receive commission payments. 

4. Legitimate Methods Of Advertising

4.1. Affiliates are permitted to use links, discount codes, any related banners, or text advertisements provided by Hey Stacey Co.

4.2. The promotion should include the offer, discount code, link provided by Hey Stacey Co affiliate program and expiration date.

4.3. Affiliates must not use invalid codes and banners.

4.4. Affiliate coupon codes and links are not to be promoted on third party websites such as coupon databases. Eg: Honey.

4.5. Affiliates are allowed to promote their unique coupon code and link on their personal social media platforms only and must not share this information on any Hey Stacey Co social pages. 

4.6. Please note it is strictly forbidden to use Hey Stacey Co's trademark and/or your affiliate link on any paid advertising channels.

4.7. Any sales that have been generated through improper promotion, will result in loss of commission. This could be in regards to Section 4, Clause 4.4.

4.8. It is highly encouraged by Hey Stacey Co that Affiliates should not advertise any other brand of hair extensions whilst contracted to the Hey Stacey Co affiliate program.

4.9. Hey Stacey Co reserves the right to take legal action against an Affiliate that commits fraud.

5. Copyrighted Material

The affiliate is responsible for ensuring that images and product descriptions comply with all applicable copyright, trademark, data protection, any intellectual property right or any other applicable law. Hey Stacey Co will not be responsible if an affiliate uses another party's copyrighted material in violation of the law.

6. Payments

6.1. Affiliates will receive a commission for receiving authorized sales via links provided by Hey Stacey Co's Affiliate Program. A customer must make a purchase by using the Affiliates unique code or by clicking the link on the affiliate's website.

6.2. The commission is based on product that is sold in full. Payments are made once every 30 days.

6.3. Refunded payments do not qualify for commission fee.

6.4. Payments will be disabled in the instance that a unique affiliate code is leaked on third party websites. It is the affiliate's responsibility to ensure their code is not leaked. 

7. Hey Stacey Co Obligations

Hey Stacey Co agrees to undertake the following obligations:

7.1. Providing the affiliate with promotional material, such as their unique links and coupon code.

7.2. Processing all orders for Hey Stacey Co products placed by following the affiliate's link under the same delivery times and rates as customers who do not use an affiliate's unique link or discount code.

7.3. Payment processing, order cancellations, returns and other related customer service for Hey Stacey Co for the purpose of business.

8. Affiliate Obligations

8.1. Affiliates are required to post on their social media platforms on a monthly basis. Hey Stacey Co requires a minimum of ONE unique piece of content a month. 

8.2. One unique piece of content can include the following items: IG feed posts, IGTV, Youtube Video or blog post. Additional content may include IG stories.

8.3. Instagram content must tag @heystaceyhair on the photo and in the caption, plus use the hashtag #heystacey, in order for Hey Stacey Co to track all content created. Youtube and blog content must link back to the Hey Stacey website.

8.4. Affiliate is required to provide all or any content on request by Hey Stacey Co for re-sharing purposes.

8.5. Affiliate must be following @heystaceyhair on Instagram.

8.6. Failure to follow affiliate obligations may result in the affiliate to have potential removal from the program.

8.7. If affiliates are unable to comply by content requirements, they must contact the Hey Stacey Co affiliate manager for assistance and provide reasoning as to why they cannot meet their requirements as an affiliate.

9. The License

9.1. Hey Stacey Co can use content created on social media platforms, website, ads. The affiliate will always be credited.

9.2. Both parties agrees not to use other's materials in any manner that is misleading, disrespectful or in any way portrays the party in a negative light.

9.3. Any inappropriate use of the promotional material may be cause for immediate termination of the agreement.

10. Liability

Hey Stacey Co will not be liable to the Affiliate for the defects in the service, interruptions in the accessibility to the service, any loss of data on the information handling system or viruses, loss of profits, loss caused by any third party deleting, removing, deactivating or tampering with the Affiliate tracking service or other consequential loss of whether arising from neglect or breach of contract.

11. Termination

The term of the agreement starts upon Hey Stacey Co affiliate program acceptance of affiliate's application and can be terminated by either party at any time with notice given in the form of an email. Upon the termination of the agreement, the affiliate must remove all links to the Hey Stacey Co website, as well as all promotional materials and codes given to the affiliate 

This privacy policy will disclose all the principles that Hey Stacey Co will follow when managing all of your personal data and information. Your personal information includes any information you’ve provided about yourself to make yourself identifiable. Hey Stacey Co takes protecting your privacy seriously and ensures to do our best when performing reasonable processed to protect your personal information within our possession. Consenting in your sharing your personal information, you are acknowledging the rare possibility of a data breach in the transmission of information before it reaches Hey Stacey Co, and you do so at your own risk. 

Hey Stacey Co holds the right to amend this privacy policy at any time without notice and for any reason. We may highlight these changes on our website, however we advise you to check the website regularly for updates. The Hey Stacey Co policy is not intended to limit our obligations for handling your personal information under the privacy act and other applicable laws. Hey Stacey Co will continue to meet all legal requirements to maintain your privacy. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hey Stacey Co privacy policy, or believe your information and privacy has been breached by Hey Stacey Co please contact us at [email protected]

External Links To Other Websites

 If you have clicked a link on the Site that has you leave the Hey Stacey website, we are no longer liable for any breaches in privacy of any personal information while visiting other websites on that do not fall under the protections of Hey Stacey’s privacy policy. Our privacy policy only addresses to activities on the Hey Stacey website and servers. We do not cover privacy policies of companies they Hey Stacey Co doesn’t own, or of third party partners, service providers, advertisers or individuals who are not employed, managed or controlled by Hey Stacey Co. We encourage you to refer to the privacy policy of each website you use, including their social media platforms.


Hey Stacey Co uses Google Analytics as a web analytics service. This enables analysis of how visitors on the website interact and determine the cookies set. Cookies assign a unique number to the visitor that has no meaning outside of the assigned website. They will not and cannot read data from your hard drive disk or read cookie files created by other websites. Whilst visiting, our servers automatically record information that your browser sends when you visit a website. This information may include:

  • Your computer’s IP address
  • Your browser type
  • The pages you visit on the HEY STACEY website
  • The time spent on those pages, access dates and times, items and information searched for on our website and other statistics.


Here at Hey Stacey we do our best to ensure that all your personal information is secure. There has been physical, electronically and managerial procedures put in place to safeguard and secure all personal information that we collect from our visitors and users online. Member information is only accessed by a very limited number of Hey Stacey staff that have special access and training in handling personal and private information. We do not store credit card details, whether it be electronic or otherwise. Hey Stacey Co used 2048 bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology when processing your financial details. We would like to emphasise that it is our customers responsibility for the secrecy of their login details, account and personal information.

What Information Hey Stacey Collects And How We Use It

Hey Stacey collects personal information which will be identified when using You can provide personal information to at your own risk and discretion. Keep in mind that withholding specific information will restrict your usage of services and/or the ability to order and/or signing up. When signing up with on any device, your personal information will be added to our database and may be used by Hey Stacey Co for marketing communication purposes such as our regular email newsletter which can include new products or promote promotional codes and offers. 

The personal information Hey Stacey may collect are:

  • Your name
  • Delivery and billing address
  • Email address
  • Contact Number
  • Transaction details
  • Enquiry details
  • Business name (applicable to trade users)
  • Hair trade qualification (applicable to trade users) 

The above personal information will allow Hey Stacey to:

  • Complete an order or enquiry
  • Communicate transaction and delivery information required to complete an order or enquiry
  • To provide and administer products, services, operations and enquires 
  • Process payments, exchanges and refunds
  • Maintaine and update records
  • Complete registrations 
  • Verify your identity 
  • Conduct surveys to provide your feedback 
  • Run competitions 
  • Protect our lawful interests

This personal information may be exchanged with our third-party partners that are locates in Australia, USA, UK and other countries to assist us with:

  • Payment system and services
  • Data systems and processing services
  • General information technology services 
  • Auditing services
  • Accounting services
  • Legal services
  • Banking services 
  • Delivery and mail services 
  • Insurance services 
  • Data analysis services 
  • Website analysis services 
  • Other services 

Email Disclaimer

If an email has been received by error, you must notify Hey Stacey Co immediately and destroy said email, any attachments and any copies of the email and attachments as it could include intellectual property owned by us. Intellectual property is inclusive of past, present and future property rights in or connected with copyright, trade or service marks, trade names, designs, confidential information, trade secrets and rights of action connected to them. The recipient and others may not, without consent, infringe on, harm or contest the validity, ownership or registration of said intellectual property, prevent or interfere with use of registration of the intellectual property by us or register the intellectual property with any register or individual in Australa or anywhere in the world. The copying and/or distribution of this confidential information by any individual is not permitted without our consent. In the case you are instructed to destroy information for any given reason, you must immediately destroy said information to avoid criminal charges and offences.